Beautiful women of Russia from Samara

I am the woman of balanced character. My friends say I am the person who can find compromises in any situation.

My tactfulness and sincerity help me to reduce tension in the relationships. My sense of humor and kindness create a unique atmosphere around me. Do you want to feel it? I want to fill my house with a special atmosphere of calm and peace and I do it by myself with pleasure. I have some feeling of nature inside of me and try to bring some part of it to my home where there are a lot of my favorite home-plants.

When I get inspired, I give way to my imagination and prepare extravagant meal. I have a special longing for the theatre. I would like to give a part of myself to a caring, sincere man who is confident in the things he does. Sometimes you can have a feeling that you lack something in this life. Write to me! Maybe together well feel harmony in our hearts.