Meeting Russian women from Kazan

As for my nature, I have got something of sanguine temperament and some of choleric, too. I am calm and sensitive, appreciate humor, funny, easily get along with different people and I am honest person.

I hate injustice. I always try to keeps my promises and I expect the same from other people. I used to go into parachute jumping once. I have studied piano at the musical school. I enjoy reading and my favorite authors are Jack London, OHenry, Dreiser, Conan Doyle. I like traveling as it means romantics and new impressions for me. I like cooking tasty meals and surprise my family by new receipts.

If a man is serious about having a family the relations between partners should be built on the base of strong friendship, and partnership and I believe that it is possibly only with a man who is honest, decent, faithful and strong. I think I do not like men a woman feels insecure with and those who do not keep their promises.

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